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Adopt me is the biggest game on Roblox at the moment. Roblox is a platform that has many games, Adopt me is a standalone game for PC, Ios, Android and Xbox. The game offers the possibility of build and customize a home. You collect and raise various pets and connect with other players.

The popularity comes from its free to play form. The game is evolving continuously with new addons and new features. The developers are very close to the community and they often make changes based on the requests or fans vote. This is what all games need.

Adopt me free pets

The main focus of the game is around the pets. Even though at the start you won’t need additional purchases for raising your pets, as long as the game progresses you will feel the need of purchasing rarer ones.

The main method of obtaining pets is thru Hatching Eggs. There is a time period until an egg hatches. You can speed up the time with robux or you can directly buy a certain pet. Once you buy it you can equip it directly without waiting for the hatch.

The game has five types of pets for you to choose (common, uncommon, rare, ultra-rare and legendary) and a total of 74 pets. We should mention the Event pets, which are available for a short period of time. When the event ends the pets are removed from all players.

Check the below table to see all the pets distributed to their class

Common Buffalo, Cat, Dog, Otter, Chicken, Robin, Bandicoot, Chick, Tasmanian Tiger, Ground ,Sloth, Stingray, Wolpertinger
Uncommon Blue Dog, Chocolate Labrador, Fennec Fox, Pink Cat, Puma, Snow Cat, Meerkat, Wild Boar, Black Panther, Capybara, Silly Duck, Drake, Wolf, Dingo, Pet Rock, Triceratops, Stegosaurus, Glyptodon, Bat, Snowman, Crab, Dolphin, 2021 Uplift Butterfly, Kirin
Rare Beaver, Rabbit, Elephant, Hyena, Bunny,Snow Puma, Brown Bear, Australian Kelpie, Cow, Pig, Swan, Polar Bear, Reindeer, Shrew, Rat, Emu, Monkey, Rhino, Woolly Mammoth, Dilophosaurus, Pterodactyl, Musk Ox, Lynx, Ox, Narwhal, Seahorse, Merhorse, Sasquatch
Ultra-Rare Flamingo, Horse, Lion, Red Panda, Shiba Inu, Penguin, Crocodile, Platypus, Sloth, Zombie Buffalo, Bee, Turkey, Llama, Arctic Fox, Hedgehog, Dalmatian, Panda, Koala, Frog, Ginger Cat, Toucan, Starfish, Business Monkey, Toy Monkey, Sabertooth, Deinonychus, Albino Bat, Ghost Bunny, Yeti, Lunar Ox, Ladybug, Clownfish, Lamb, Red Squirrel, Hydra, Wyvern
Legendary Dragon, Giraffe, Griffin, Unicorn, Golden Penguin, Parrot, Shadow Dragon, Bat Dragon, King Bee, Queen Bee, Owl, Crow, Frost Dragon, Arctic Reindeer, Turtle, Kangaroo, Golden Unicorn, Golden Griffin, Golden Dragon, Diamond Unicorn, Diamond Griffin, Diamond Dragon, Albino Monkey, Monkey King, Ninja Monkey, Kitsune, Evil Unicorn, Golden Rat, Dodo, T-Rex, Skele-Rex, Cerberus, Robo Dog, Snow Owl, Frost Fury, Guardian Lion, Metal Ox, Golden Ladybug, Diamond Ladybug, Peacock, Octopus, Shark, Cobra, Goldhorn, Phoenix, Axolotl

How to get free Adopt me pets

Each new player will receive a Starter Egg for free. It will only hatch into a dog or cat. This is just to initiate you into the egg hatching process.

Earn pets by collecting stars. Each day you login you will receive a certain number of stars. Collect enough stars so you can change them to a pet from the Reward Catalog. The pets available here are just six. So, the important pets will need to be bought.

You can buy pets with bucks or with robux. Bucks can be obtained in game thru login bonuses, by making objectives or by paychecks. Robux is the most obvious way of getting a pet but we do not recommend as long as you enjoy and play the game often.

Another way to get Adopt me free pets is by participating in giveaways. Places for you to look are, Youtube, Twitch, or Facebook gaming. All of these platforms are live streaming people playing the game. If you look close enough you will find streamers that are doing giveaways. Fulfill their requirements and you could get a free Adopt me pet.

Adopt me pets trick

Remember, once you have a pet you can continue feeding it. There are a few pets that can do a certain trick thru each cycle of life. The following pets have special tricks that we wont reveal here: The Penguin, Crow, Golden Penguin, Llama, Parrot, Sloth, all Bees, Arctic Reindeer, Reindeer, Pet Rock, Scoob, Shadow Dragon, Frost Dragon, Elf Hedgehog , Kangaroo, Turtle, and Monkey.

All pets can be ride. How? By giving them a potion, a Ride-a-pet potion. This can only be purchased with robux. Cool thing is that the pet will adapt to the rider’s size.

All pets can fly by giving them a Fly-a-pet potion. Also, this potion is only available in the shop for robux. Pets will grow wings if they get the potion.

Pay attention to the game and events. Each time a cool pet is released with cool and unique features.

Adopt me codes list

Below is a short list of codes we have collected. Check each one of them and see if they still work. We try to update the code as a new code is out, so stay close to our site.





DiscordFTW-70 bucks

subbethink-100 bucks

SEAcreatures-secret item

1B1LL1ONV1S1TS-200 bucks

M0N3YTR33S-200 bucks

GIFTUNWRAP-200 bucks